Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vacation time..and two new acquisitions to the specialized catalogue library for Poland and Ethiopia

I had hoped to publish at least one more catalogue review this month, but alas real life work interveneed.  And tomorrow I leave for a 2-week vacation out of town, so there will be no updates until probably the first week of August.

In the meantime, I just received today a copy of volume 1 of the Fischer Katalog Polskich Znakow Pocztowych recently released in Poland, covering the main stamp issues of the Interwar Era, the Socialist Republic period and the modern Polish state.  Will hope to get volume 2 soon, which covers regionals such at Danzig and the German Plebiscites, the General Gouvernment issues from the Nazi Occupation, and other related material.

The new edition of Fischer's Poland Specialized Catalogue, volume 1.

I am also waiting for delivery from Italy the four-volume specialized catalogue of Ethiopian stamps and postal history up to 1974 published by Vaccari. They were on sale at Vaccari direct for about Euro 80, which for a four volume set is very cheap.  Two volumes deal with the stamps, with the second volume dealing with Postal History post-Italian occupation, while a third volume covers the classical postal history from the mid-19th century to 1936, and a fourth volume of addendum and furhter notes and updates.

The two main volumes of Vaccari's Ethiopia Specialized Catalogue

So lots of material in the pipeline coming for later this summer here on my blog. Stay tuned!


  1. It's neat to see all the specialized catalogues you collect. I've not heard of most of them before. The Polish catalogue is awesome if only for the cover. What a photo! :)


    1. Mark, yes it is a great cover. I need to get the 2nd volume of the Polish set to complete it. Still waiting on the Ethiopia catalogs shipping from Italy. Thought they would come while I was on vacation (had my mail held by PO) but have not arrived yet.

  2. Gene,
    Just wondering how much was the shipping cost for your Ethiopia catalogs from Vaccari?

    1. Shipping was 32 Euros, which for 4 books is not bad. It is not tracked though, and as of 25 July I had still not received it (was shipped out on 5 July) so hoping it is not lost in the post.