Friday, January 20, 2017

This blog has not posted its last :)

Yes it has been longer than expected since my last post on this blog.  That unfortunately is the reality when the demands of the Real World (TM) take over your time.  My employer, Kroger (an American grocery chain), closed the store I had been working at for over eight years and relocated us to a brand new, state of the art market.  And as head of the seafood department at the previous location, I was given the responsibility to head the seafood department at the new location.

The result was working on average 50 hours a week from mid-October through the holidays.  Manic does not even begin to describe how business has been for my department, as it is now a much larger area with much more variety than before (anyone fancy soft-shell crabs or whole octopus for example!)

The trade off, however, has been that I have not had the kind of free time away from work to engage in my various hobbies.  With the New Year, however, it appears that things at work have become established to a point where I will hopefully not need to work as many overtime hours per week as when the store first opened.  And as an added bonus, the increase in sales in my department have led to an increase in my income, so not only do I have more time to engage in philatelic activities, I'll have somewhat more resources than before.

My intention is to start a more regular posting regimen in February 2017.