Thursday, March 9, 2017

Starting a new series here on my blog to highlight my collection...need opinions

I've decided to start posting pages from my collections onto this blog to show how my collection is evolving over time.  Still debating though on how I want to show the pages. Should I show only the Vario pages with stamps?  Or would it be better to show a page with its corresponding layout page giving catalog info etc. (as I illustrated in the last blog post).

Another question I have is should I enclose all pages of the collection, including those that are currently blank or nearly blank, or just pages that have a good number of stamps on them.  It would of course be possible in future to edit the images of the blank pages as they fill up, which would give everyone a chance to see how the collection "grows" over time.

Opinions? Ideas?  Would really like some feedback before I start up this project as I'd like to have a set "format" for the posts from the start.


  1. Post all you've got and then do annual/bi-annual reviews as you progress.

    For example display French Alger pages (with notes et all now in March 2017, then do an update (leaving original piece as is) on the topic in March 2018, another in March 2019 etc.... It could be one fun 'time machine'.

    Just a suggestion.


  2. What Keijo said. I would add that posting countries especially in which you have a particular interest, or plan to have a particular interest (the countries in which you, at present, do not have many stamps), will keep your "Interest" up. !! ;-)

  3. Great idea Keijo and Jim. Now just need to get my scanner from being cranky and freezing up in middle of page scans (I put the latest drives on it, so it's up to date, but still after i do 2-3 scans a scan will stall and I have to start over).