Friday, March 18, 2016

Quick update on the blog (March 2016 edition)

Haven't abandoned the blog, not by a longshot. But, with the last several weeks being Lent and I being the manager of a seafood department in a grocery store here in the USA, it's just been quite a busy few weeks in terms of Real Life demands (boo!) so have not had the kind of free time to focus as much on blogging about philately as I would wish to have.

That being said, Good Friday is next week (25 March), marking the end of Lent and the end of my "busy period" at work.  And I have some good blog post ideas being developed, especially in regards to specialized catalogs, as I decided to treat myself with part of my tax refund and expand my specialized catalog library with several new additions.

Stay tuned, things will be pick up again after next week !

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